Demolition Derby
Not Responsible in case of accident.

Adult Demolition Derby
Barren Co. Fairgrounds, Temple Hill, KY 

Saturday, Sept 27th 2020
7:00 pm C.S.T.

Kids Power Wheel Demo
Free Entry

CLASSES: Small & Big
1. Mini Car Class:
1st place $ 1,200.00 plus 25 cars 1st place  $ 1,500.00
2nd place $ 400.00 plus 25 cars 2nd place  $    600.00
3rd place $ 200.00 plus 25 cars 3rd place  $      200.00

2. Quick Build Big Car Class:
1st place $ 1,200.00 plus 30 cars 1st place  $ 1,500.00
2nd place $ 400.00 plus 30 cars 2nd place  $    600.00
3rd place $ 200.00 plus 30 cars 3rd place  $     200

Lawnmower Demolition
Entry Fee $ 30.00 

100 % Payback + $ 200 added
1st 70 % + $ 100.00
2nd 30% + $ 50.00
3rd $ 50.00

Big Check Trophy

Lawnmower Demolition
Entry Fee $ 30.00 


Cars will be inspected on grounds
from 4:00 pm till  6:30 pm
come early please.
Judges reserves the right to dismiss any car that doesn't meet the safety requirements

No added classes

Entry Fee $ 50.00
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Demolition Derby Rules

2020 YnW Mini Car Rules

1. Front wheel drive cars are to be no longer then 110in wheelbase, rear wheel drive cars
are to be no longer then 105.
2. AMC’s are ok but no 4wd vehicles
3. Motor swaps and rear end swaps allowed, any 4 or 6 cyl engine
4. You may run a lower cradle and pulley pro on rear wheel drive only cars,it can be no
wider then the engine block, no backplates, mid plates, trans braces,or steel bell. if you
push it you will cut it. You must mount the engine to the K member and not the frame
rails. FWD’s can have aftermarket engine mounts but must be no bigger then 2x2 and
not to add any strength to the body or frame.
5. You may run a rear end brace but it is to brace the rear end only, not the rails or body.
No this doesn’t mean you can run a solid rear axle on FWD. control arms must remain
6. You may have a floating 4 bar cage, it needs to be 5 inches away from any floor pan,
trans tunnel, firewall. Door bars can be no taller then 6 inch tubing, if you show up with a
kicker to the firewall its automatic DQ with no refund. You may have a gas tank protector
no wider then 24 inches, if your tank is wider then that we can't help it, still gotta go by
the rules. Back seat bar can be no further back then 12 inches from the drivers door
post. That goes for the door bars as well.
7. Any wheel and tire combo
8. Leaf spring cars must have factory leafs, or factory replacements for that car. If you have
a question on that PM is key
9. Doors may be welded 6 on 6 off all the way around (outside only). You may run a drivers
door plateno thicker then 3/16
10. Trunks may be welded 6 on 6 off and maybe pushed down but the quarters must stay
upright. two 8X8 holes must be cut in the deck lid.
11. Must use factory mini car hood and maybe bolted down with ⅝ bolts in 6 locations or 8
locations if you choose to wire. You may also weld angle to the fender and hood if you
choose to go that route, still 6 locations. Your core support mounts can go through the
frame and bumper shock, 2X2 tubing for a spacer with a 1 inch gap max, or you can run
the factory rubber. There must be a 1 inch gap either way.
12. You may either run the factory OEM bumper shock for that year, make and model car or
a piece of 10 inch round or square 2x2 tubing. If you choose to run the stock shock you
can only weld 10 inches from the bumper mounting plate at the end of the rail back.6x6
¼ plate for bumper mounting but no bigger.
13. Rollbar must go straight up and across
14. You can convert any engine to carb or vise versa
15. 1 window bar no bigger then 2x2 tubing or ⅜ x 3 flat stock. Must be mounted no further
back then the speaker deck and 4 inches from the rear window seam on the roof. No
bigger then a 4x4 ¼ mounting plate. Front windshield bar cannot go through the hood or
strengthen the car in any way
16. hoods must be open for inspection

17. Radiators must be in factory location
18. You may have 4 2X3 ¼ patch plates any way you want them but they cannot weld to the
body or act as a kicker, plates must have a 1 inch gap from the bumper shock or other
plate. Thats on fresh or pre ran.
19. You may run a loaded bumper or a homemade bumper, the bumper must be SQUARE
TUBING ONLY!!! If its angle, iron, c channel, i beam, round pipe it will not pass!!! Heres
where you better pay attention, the point can be no bigger than 8 inches from the back of
the bumper and must spread 15 inches each way (30 inch total spread). This was a
problem last year and if it becomes a problem this year it will be flat bumpers only next
year. You may run up to a 4x8 tube style bumper and no smaller then a 4x4.
20. No seam welding of any kind and no creasing or shaping the frame.
21. Trans coolers and oil coolers are ok.
22. You can run solid or homemade struts
23. If you have a rusty frame or it needs patched please call first but it will be very minimal
24. Trim the rails back to the core support only but no further back then that.
25. You may run a piece of 2x2 tubing 3 inches long on the bottom of the frame for a sway
bar mount, abuse it and youll cut it.
26. No header protectors, carb protectors, oil cap protectors of any kind!!
If it was not mentioned then it doesnt mean its a gray area, it means dont do it. This is a set of
rules that is a basic build mini car but you can still compete.
We will determine any rule changes and what can be done.
Thank You!
We reserve the right to deny or DQ any entry at any time.
Questions Call or E-mail first!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We will reply within 24 hours.
Full Name
( Small or Big ) Class Entering

10168 Tompkinsville Road,
Glasgow KY, 42141

Telephone 1: Shan McCollom
(270) 647-0991

Telephone 1: Ralph Dunbar
(270) 678-2075

Telephone 2: Tommy Garrett
(270) 427-2381

Telephone 3: Matt Kingrey
(270) 427-6382

Telephone 4: Wade Jackson
(270) 590-0020

Telephone 5: Steve Burgess
(270) 537-4519

Telephone 6: Jennifer Bailey  

Telephone 6: Fairgrounds
( 270) 427-4304